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Rack & Pinion Actuators

Sizing: Spring Return Actuators

The suggested safety factor for spring return actuator under normal working conditions is 30-50%


The torque needed by the valve=700 in. Lbs.

The torque plus a safety factor ( 700 in. Lbs. + 30% = 910 in. Lbs. ) Air Supply = 80 psi

According to the table of spring return actuators’ output, we find output torque of TR125SRK10 (Fail CW)


Spring Mounting Form
for Spring Return Actuators

During the selection of spring return actuators, we can choose the more reasonable and more economical actuators, if we konw the different torque needed by the valve working at 0°, 45° and 90°.

NOTE: Make certain the torque necessary to operate the valve is compatible with the actuator torque. Note that the requested torque depends not only on the valve,but on the working conditions and the safety margins of the valve and actuator