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TVC Model TMX cast-body expanding gate valves are designed for oil and natural gas wellhead or other critical service applications with operating pressures from 2,000  to 5,000 psi. All Model TMX expanding gate valves are API 6A Latest Edition monogrammed equipment and are available in bore sizes ranging from 2-1/16" through 7-1/16".

Operating Temperatures

Model TMX valves are available with API 6A Temperature ratings of L (-50 F) through Y (650 F). Valves for API Temperature ratings of X and Y are pressure de-rated as required per Annex G of API 6A Latest Edition.

Expanding Gate

The expanding gate is field-replaceable and provides a tight  mechanical seal that does not rely on line pressure. This ensures seal integrity at both high and low pressures.

Seat Designs

The standard gate to seat and seat to body sealing interface is a slip-fit design, assisted by inserts in the face and rear of each seat. Metal-to-metal gate to seat and pressed-fit seat to body sealing is used for high-temp valves and is otherwise available upon request.

Packing Design

Chevron style stem packing is replaceable and can be re-ener­gized by injection between the packing stacks. This ensures efficient sealing for the life of the valve. Graphite packing is used for high-temperature applications.

Body Lubricant

All Model TMX valves are shipped with body filler grease  appropriate for the material class and temperature rating of the valve to ensure smooth operation of the valve under pressure and to prevent corrosion during storage prior to deployment.

Grease Fittings

The valve body may be lubricated through the grease fittings provided in the valve body. All fittings meet the requirements of NACE MR0175.

Exposed Bolting

All exposed bolting meets the requirements of NACE MR0175.

Full Through Conduit Bore

The full through conduit bore provides for smooth flow with minimal turbulence. It also provides an unobstructed passage for well intervention tools.

All Model TMX valves are drift tested in accordance with API 6A Latest Edition requirements.


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