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Shut-Off Pig Valves

TVC's Shut-Off Pig Valve was designed and released in 2011 with  state-of the-art ease-of-use and performance under the severest conditions. The trunnion blockmounted ball valve reduces both torque and stem loading, while adding longer life. It is is bi-directional for use as both launcher and receiver, and can be installed with a by-pass where needed.



Engineered, manufactured and tested to API 6D

Industry Standards: API 6D, ASME B16.34 and API 598

Meets NACE MR0175-03

Size range: 2” – 16”

Pressure Classes: ANSI Classes 150 to 1500

Standard temperature range:  -20 to 300 deg. Fahrenheit

Special Order range: -50 to 400 deg. Fahrenheit

Materials: LF2, 316 SS, and Exotic Alloys as required

Seals: HSN, HNBR, James Walker, Viton, Teflon, Devlon Peek or as required


Positive Shut Off

Trunnion Block mounted Ball for reduced torque and stem loading

Large Bearings for smooth robust operation

Up Stream sealing with automatic downstream cavity relief

Double Block and Bleed with vent and drain capabilities

Large button head grease fittings with buried checks

Emergency seat sealant injection

Pig Entry Cap with vent

Pig Entry Cap with hex drive and spanner drive options

Open and Closed lockable stop plates 2” – 6”

6” and larger utilize a body cavity equalization valve

Large Actuator Mounting Pads and Stems

Accepts Bullet, Spherical, and Double-Dish pigs

TVC pigs are fabricated to fit all TVC pig valves.


Trunnion Block design offers reduced torque and robustness

Complete Range of Fluid flexibility and compatibility

Cost savings over conventional pigging systems and skids

Available as a Launcher, Receiver, or Catcher.

Forged construction reduces NDE requirements

Complete selection of pigging systems and accessories

Shut-Off Pig Valves Order Matrix

281.227.9911 • fax 281.227.9912 • 15862 Diplomatic Plaza Dr. • Houston, TX 77032