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TVC Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Main Features

• Body is made of three forgings, the individual parts are bolted together.

• Double block and bleed feature means that it’s possible to bleed or block the cavity in fully closed or opened position.

• A large trunnion support design ensures central positioning under the highest working pressure. Trunnion mounted ball permits ease of operation.

• Grounding device are supplied for positive anti-static between ball/stem and body.  Corrosion resistant low friction bearings are supplied.

• Seat inserts are contained within a one-piece metal seat ring. With no or very low line pressure, sealing between the seats and ball is achieved by seat springs. With higher line pressure, the line pressure, in conjunction with the spring load, forces the upstream seat ring against the ball, which results in tighter sealing.

• Self relieving seat is designed to prevent excessive pressure buildup within the valve by automatically relieving pressure when body cavity pressure exceeds the spring load on the seats.

• Actuator mounting plate are machined and drilled ready for mounting actuator.

• Two set of O-ring plus fire safe packing on the stem/metal seat efficiently prevent leakage.

• Inconel spring force the seat with Nylon/DEVLON seal toward ball, creating seal on both up stream and down stream of valve.

• Sealant injection fittings for emergency stem or seat sealing are supplied.

• Fire-safe design tested to API 607

281.227.9911 • fax 281.227.9912 • 15862 Diplomatic Plaza Dr. • Houston, TX 77032