Trunnion Mounted 
Ball Valve Catalog

Ordering the Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Ball Valve Main Features

Component Parts

Dimensions and Weights ANSI Class 150

Dimensions and Weights ANSI Class 300

Dimensions and Weights ANSI Class 600

Dimensions and Weights ANSI Class 900

Dimensions and Weights ANSI Class 1500

Top Mounting Dimensions and Stem Torque

Pressure Temperature Chart

Specifications for Flow Coefficients

Material Specifications

Trunnion Mounted
Ball Valve

Model SHPVShut-Off Pig Valves catalog
API-6ATVC Gate Valves Catalog

Ordering, Features & Benefits

Component Parts

Launching & Receiving

Valve Orientation

Dimensions and Weights


Model SHPV

Shut-Off Pig Valves


TVC Gate Valves

API Material Requirements

Trim Chart

Model TMX 2,000-5,000 PSI Expanding Gate Valves

Model TFC 10,000-15,000 PSI Slab Gate Valves

Model TBS 10,000-15,000 PSI Slab Gate Valves for Frac Service

TVC API-6A Gate Valves Order Matrix

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Flanged Floating 
Ball Valves Catalog

General Design Features

Applicable Standards

Model FFB Order Matrix

Bill of Materials

Component Parts

Dimensional Data (in., mm)


Flanged Floating
Ball Valves

Wellhead Equipment Catalog

Wellhead Equipment

TVC Gate Valves

TVC Casing Heads

TVC Casing Spools

TVC Tubing Spools

Typical Surface Wellhead Systems Components Assembly

TVC Casing Hangers/Secondary Seals

TVC Tubing Hangers/Hanger Couplings

TVC Tubing Head Adapters

TVC Tees/Crosses and Flanges

TVC Tree Caps

TVC Chokes

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves Catalog

Resilient Seated

Butterfly Valves

Technical Specifications

Series 2302 C and 2502 C Overview

Part Number Matrix


Rack & PinionActuators Catalog

Rack & Pinion


Construction, Mounting, Models, Operating Conditions

Parts and Materials

Principles of Operation

Output Torque

Dimensional Data

Sizing: Spring Return Actuators

Actuator Inserts

Schematic Diagrams

Piston And DiaphragmPneumatic Actuators Catalog

Piston And Diaphragm

Pneumatic Actuators

Piston Pneumatic Operation

Piston Pneumatic Features & Benefits

Piston Pneumatic Parts & Specifications

Piston Pneumatic Control Pressure Equations

Piston Pneumatic Sizes, Dimensions, Weight and Volume

Diaphragm Pneumatic Operation

Diaphragm Pneumatic Features & Benefits

Diaphragm Pneumatic Parts & Specifications

Diaphragm Pneumatic Control Pressure Equations

Diaphragm Pneumatic Sizes, Dimensions, Weight and Volume