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Piston Pneumatic Actuator

Features and Benefits

Piston Pneumatic Actuators Features and Benefits

•  Improved Sealing Technology:  Longer seal life for bonnet and top shaft using Poly Pak seals.


•  Personnel Safety: A safety shear ring prevents actuator removal when unknown control pressure is trapped. This guards against personnel injury.


•  Control Pressure Protection: A Pressure relief device on the top of piston housing protects personnel from over-pressurization of the actuator. It is designed for easy field inspection and replacement.


•  Corrosion Resistance:  Non stainless components are coated with phosphate for longer wear life.


•  No Special Tools required: No special tools are required for spring installation or removal.


•  Back Seat Verification:  A test fitting located above bonnet stem backseat provides verification of the stem to bonnet, metal to metal seal integrity.


•  Fire safe seal: A metal to metal seat design between actuator, bonnet and stem serves as a secondary fireseal if high temperatures destroy lower stem bonnet packing.


•  Heavy Duty Compression Spring: The spring provides extra force in the fail close operation and secures positive backseat engagement when flow line is at low pressure.


•  Indicator Rod or Top Shaft:  Shows the position of the gate.  Made from stainless steel, it requires no protection from the elements.