From standard onshore single well profiles to comprehensive offshore multi-well profiles, TVC will support your wellhead system component requirements to comply with API-6A and end-user specifications.

API-6A Wellhead Equipment
API-6A Wellhead Equipment Tubing Heads Specifications
API-6A Wellhead Equipment Tubing Heads Specifications

API 6A Wellhead Equipment

TVC Tubing Heads

API-6A Wellhead Equipment Tubing Heads API-6A Wellhead Equipment Tubing Heads

TVC Tubing Heads feature a versatile straight bore design for single and multiple completions.

This design accepts all TC series tubing hangers and easily converts from a single completion to multiple completions with the addition and alignment pin(s).

Available Sizes

• Available with 7-1/16" nominal bowl

• Compatible with 7-5/8" production casing


• Line Pipe Outlets

• Studded Side Outlets

Casing Hanger Compatibility

• C-21 and C-22 slip-type casing hangers

• Mandrel style casing hangers

Manufacturing Standard

• API-6A, PSL-1, DD, L-U, PR-1 (3M-5M)

• API-6A, PSL-2, DD, L-U, PR-1 (10M)

Tubing Hanger Compatibility

• TWC tubing heads accept a wide variety of tubing hanger styles including mandrel and wrap-around

Bottom Preparations

• PE/BG bottom, for use with PE secondary seal bushing (Standard)

• HPE bottom, for use with HPE secondary seal bushing for high pressure applications (Available upon request)


• Additional sizes available upon request •  Available with ET (Integral) style lock screws

• Flanged top Tubing Heads available with slip-on weld or threaded bottoms